About Us

Welcome to Hop Woo BBQ & Seafood Restaurant!

Even though the first Hop Woo is opened in 1993, the story begins in 1980s. Chef Lupe was working as the head of chef at his uncle’s restaurant in Mexico. Flash forward to 1990 and Chef Lupe moved back to Los Angeles and worked as the head of chef at a local restaurant. In 1993, Hop Woo was opened with only 8 tables and have since moved to the current location to accommodate more guests. Hop Woo combines traditional Chinese cooking method with new concept to best serve our guests with award-winning dishes.

Hop Woo has been serving ​authentic Mandarin & Cantonese Cuisine for more than 25 years. We’re famous for our Hong Kong style Barbecue and freshly-made Seafood dishes! We are passionate about creating a dining experience that goes beyond just good food, and focuses on flavor and high quality service. Hop Woo welcomes you and your family to make your lunch and dinner selections from our large menus, with our delicious entrees and appetizers. Please check out our “Menu” section for more information.


Lupe Liang Timeline

1980 worked as head of chef at uncle’s restaurant in Mexico

1984 worked as a cook in Los Angeles

1990 started working as head chef in Los Angeles

1993 opened and worked as head chef at the 1st Hop Woo in Los Angeles Chinatown

1996 interviewed by LA Times

2002 opened 2nd Hop Woo location in Santa Monica, was interviewed by LA times for the 2nd time. Lots of visits from Hollywood celebrities.

2004 opened 3rd Hop Woo location in Alhambra, lots of visits from Chinese and Hong Kong celebrities.

2006 started participating in Chinatown Summer Nights by representing Chinatown and Chinese cuisine in demonstrations and competitions.

2010 participated and won in LAPD’s National Night Out Iron Chef competition

2011 represented Chinatown and Chinese cuisine and won ‘Battle Chinatown’

2012 featured in Downtown News & Swedish Magazine Vagabond

2013 Nov interviewed and featured in videos for Chinese channel

2013 Dec interviewed by Christine Roth (Co-conspiracy Entertainment), Eddie Lin (Deep End Dining) & Billy Dec (Rockit Ranch productions)

2014 Jan interviewed by Xinhua News Agency